Our club Secretary, does a heap of work behind the scenes and makes sure all the T’s are dotted and the I’s are crossed so that the club is administrated properly. He also writes those crappy reviews at the end of each week. So, let’s get our HANDS ON;

Rohan Swan      
Full name:   Rohan Swan
Team:   Men's' Metro 2 Gold
Nickname(s):   Swanny, Rowzer, Rowdy, Snowy
Porn Star Name:   Ginger Sexton
(It’s really Ginger Great Northern Highway, but that’s not all that arousing, so I’ll use my second one)
Played at JTA since:   I started playing for John XXIII in 1986. We had three teams -1D’s, Regional North 2B’s and Vets. We used to train at Nedlands Foreshore and most of our hockey balls went in the river. I’m not playing vets just yet, just waiting for the invitation.
Favourite position:   People tell me it’s centre half (well for at least the first five minutes of each half………if your lucky). My favourite position is the deep forward lurker aka the Buddah Edwards!!
Embarrassing sporting moment:   Being kissed by Greg Munday after winning the 2C’s premiership in 2001.
Memorable sporting moment:   Being kissed by Greg Munday after winning the 2C’s premiership in 2001. Coming back from 4 – 0 down at half time against Newman in the Challenge Cup a few years ago was pretty good . Unfortunately we lost on strokes but our crowd was awesome and very memorable!!!! And who could forget the late 80’s when our coach Grant Hymus was umpiring and started an all in brawl.
Goals for 2009:   To score more goals than my eleven year old son. He has beaten me for the last two seasons and I am starting to feel like Homer Simpson. My secondary aim is to poach a goal off Gerry.
Favourite food and drink:   Curry’s and beer. Well that’s not completely accurate. I’ll eat anything, and I’ll pretty much drink anything as well.
Favourite movie:   Trading Places, Shawshank Redemption and anything with Clint Eastwood.
Favourite movie lines:   Hey, baby, once you had a man with no legs, you can’t go back’
'Eddie Murphy as Billy Ray Valentine From Trading Places'

And I always laugh at this little gem of an exchange on a bus in Heart Break Ridge
Tom Highway     ‘Are you the maid?’
Stitch Jones     ‘No.I want the seat, but this shit aint worth dying over. Liz and Dick, Lennon and McCartney, even Ali and Frazier......they worked it out. So can we, right? Stitch Jones is the name. Rocking and rapping is the game…………..! Yeah, pleased to meet you, too. I banged up my Corvette, but I figure, what the hell......gives me a chance to get out and meet the regular people. People like yourself. People like my fans. I'm a singer. You heard of me. Stitch Jones: Earl of Funk, Duke of Cool, Ayatollah of Rock-and-Roll-a.’
Tom Highway     ‘Shut your face, hippie’

Favourite song:   Fishermans Blues – The Waterboys
Bullet with Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins
(I could also rabbit on about anthems for the working class by Billy Bragg, but this is probably not the forum.)
Favourite quote:   "We knocked the bastard off"
Sir Edmund Hillary after summiting Mt Everest for the first time.
"My daughter is as beautiful as I am"
Yassa Arafat
Lookalike:   Believe it or not, I used to be nicknamed ‘Chopper’ as I had hair like the pilot from the 70’s TV show ‘Chopper Squad’. Stop laughing!!! I have also been likened to Shane Warne, but more recently however, Bob Hoskins, and of course, Papa Smurf.

So that’s Swanny - Well, now you know what makes this nutbag tick. And he represents your club!!!

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